Women in Manufacturing

Gibbs recently hosted a gathering of female managers in recognition of Women’s History month.  Greg Risch, President & CEO, spoke to the group and presented a message on the value of a diverse workforce.  Manufacturing challenges demand a multifaceted approach to problem solving, production and leadership.  Diverse workforces provide new ideas and different perspectives.

In the United States, women make up 47% of the general workforce, but only account for about 30% of those employed in manufacturing industries.  This statistic has not changed much in decades and mirrors Gibbs’ experience.  Census data shows that those who work in manufacturing earn over 21% more than the median income and women in manufacturing make 16% more than the median for women.  With the current labor shortage, now is the perfect time for women to think about pursuing a career in manufacturing and all the jobs associated with it which include IT, finance, engineering, supply chain, sales, and more.

Spotlight on Alicia Hay

Alicia Hay is a seasoned veteran with 46-years of service at Gibbs.   Alicia started in Trimming and worked there 15 years before moving to Shipping where she continues to work.

Why did she choose a career at Gibbs?  Well, Gibbs was a natural fit for Alicia because four family members worked here too.  Alicia says, “I like the people, not just the place.” She loves what she does and being around people.

Advice that Alicia installed in her 3 children and lives by herself is:

  • You need to work for it.
  • Once you start, don’t quit.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work Alicia!


Spotlight on Laura Moore

After first working as a Nurse’s Aid, Laura began her career at Gibbs in 2001 as a Trimmer at Sync working with large cast parts.  Over the years, she was a caster at both Sync and Tech before transferring to Audubon Tool 6 years ago.

Laura says, “The jobs are physically demanding.  Attitude is everything.” Her advice is:

  • Don’t be afraid of failure
  • Be open to learning new things

Outside of Gibbs, Laura raises goats. Be sure to ask her about this unique job!

Thank you for your great attitude Laura!








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