Quality is the cornerstone of success.  Gibbs’ quality policy is driven deep into the roots of our culture from the top down, instilling continuous quality improvement at all levels.  We adhere to the requirements of IATF 16949 as the fundamental basis for our quality management system.  A forward-thinking company, Gibbs also evaluates emerging, new standards and leads our industry in certification compliance.

During product development, Gibbs uses a rigorous Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) system which emphasizes process failure mode & effect analysis (PFMEA).  As part of the APQP, Gibbs assigns a Safe Launch plan to each new process involving a series of destructive and non-destructive testing, plus additional inspection to ensure the product meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Gibbs uses a foundation of Plan, Do, Check, Act with emphasis on data-driven decision making and defect prevention with error-proofing such as our Process Failure Detection system. This system can define targets and acceptable ranges for almost every parameter in the die casting process allowing us to predetermine and prevent conditions resulting in unacceptable castings.  In production, we achieve real time quality control monitoring and prevent defects from passing to the next process via automatic gates, audio alarms, and visual alarms.  Additional error-proofing examples such as vision systems, laser detection, photo-eyes, resonant testing, air compensating fixtures, and eddy current systems can also be found throughout our casting and machining facilities as evidence of our commitment to quality.