What's your best Gibbs memory?

Q&A with 20-year service award recipient, Penny Book, Process Coordinator LD at Gibbs. Question: What is your best memory at Gibbs? Answer: I have many great memories at Gibbs. The one that means a lot to many of us that work at Gibbs is when our friend “Dottie”, that had worked at Gibbs for over 30 years, found out she had cancer. All of us that worked with her pulled together to help her. We had everyone in all plants pulling together. We had bake sales, a poker run, auctions and sold t-shirts. At that time, I felt we had a Gibbs Family. Dottie lost her fight with cancer, since then we have all come together and helped many team members in their time of need and we will keep doing what we can because we are a Gibbs Family.


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