Safety Heroes

Safety is #1 at Gibbs!  All of our Team Members take personal responsibility for following our safety processes and looking for ways to improve.  Thank you Team Members for your diligence and caring — Gibbs sets safety records thanks to your hard work!

Gibbs President & CEO, Greg Risch,  presented Safety Awards to three of our Team Members for their contributions in February.

Josh Kuhr works in Tech Remelt.  Josh has been with Gibbs for 11 years.  He consistently submits near-misses, which shows a wonderful commitment to safety.

Mary Alderson is a machine operator in Powertrain for the past 6 years. Greg had the opportunity to shadow Mary in 2020 and says, “Mary is both personable and very knowledgeable about her work.  She’s a pleasure to work with.”

Chris Bartlett is a Federal Casting Operator (2nd shift) and has been with Gibbs almost 10 years. Chris is very diligent in his pre-shift check and found a great safety catch.



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