Gibbs Team Member Reaching Into Our World

Marty Doyle, Operations Manager for Audubon Tool  and  22-year veteran of Gibbs, exemplifies Gibbs H3 Lean Values of leading with our Hearts, Heads, and Hands.

In March, Marty and his wife, Renee,  reached out into our world with a mission trip to Myanmar and Thailand.  The trip was planned and funded by Renee Doyle, Orchard Medical Missions, and Gods Way Church.  Renee grew up in the mission field (Brazil) and averages 2 mission trips a year.  Her dear friend Eunice Mello (Brazil) often travels with her and uses puppets and ventriloquism to evangelize and entertain.

This trip was to serve Sir La Ja and his ministry Light for all Nations.  The Sir La Ja ministry comprises a central campus with Church, Orphanage, Christian School, Drug Rehab Ministry and dozens of village outreaches.  What Marty and Renee will remember most is the kindness, generosity and humility of the people of Myanmar.  Their joy in the midst of hardship was inspiring and  heartwarming.

A 2nd part of this trip was to the Samaritan Creations ministry in Bangkok.  Samaritan Creations takes care of women and children escaping the sex trade.  They go into the red light districts and slums to bring encouragement and hope to lost souls and to bring as many out as possible.  When they rescue a woman or child, they house and equip them with skills that will enable them to prosper financially, physically and spiritually.  The success rate for women coming out of the 2-year program is wonderfully high.

Marty says, “This mission trip was an eye opening adventure for me.  Myanmar is a country in anguish with civil wars, ethnic cleansing and even genocide.  Myanmar has been described as the most blessed and cursed place on earth.  It’s absolutely full of natural resources, gold, jade, amber, gems, rubber, oil and natural gas, while the income gap is among the widest in the world. The spirit of the people is amazingly optimistic and their futures hopeful.”


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