Gibbs Team Member Celebrates 50th Anniversary

On August 11, 2021, Larry Buchanan achieved 50 years of service at Gibbs!  Marking both his service anniversary and retirement date, Gibbs celebrated with presentations honoring Larry, a cookout, and snow cones across all three shifts. Special guests from KEI included Kevin Koch, Jim Muehlbauer, Steve Church, and Glenn Muehlbauer.  Jim and Kevin both expressed their well wishes and recalled stories of working with Larry. CEO and President, Greg Risch, thanked Larry for his hard work and dedication to Gibbs while Michelle Ramacciotti, Director of HR, presented him with an honorary trophy.

Larry also spoke to his fellow team members thanking them for their friendship and comradery over the years. He also shared a few anecdotes including one about his first interview with Nick Gibbs. He stated that during his interview, Nick Gibbs asked, “When can you start?” to which Larry replied, “As soon as you need me.” Larry was hired on the spot and went immediately to the plant floor in his dress clothes to work! Upon his retirement, he plans to enjoy many fishing trips, help his family on the cattle farm, and spend time with family and friends.

Gibbs is thankful for Larry’s dedication for the past 50 years. His work ethic and genuine, caring heart will be missed!



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