Gibbs Supporting our Team Members and our Community

Gibbs mission is to improve the quality of life for the people, companies, and communities we serve.  One of the many ways Gibbs does this is through charitable support.  In 2018, we are proud to have been able to support local activities and organizations with almost $10,000 in donations!   Gibbs Team Members request sponsorship for organizations or teams falling under the categories of health, sports/school, community empowerment, or education; requests are also received from various community organizations such as Audubon Kids Zone and Humane Society of Henderson County.

Each group receiving Gibbs’ support represents something special.  One of this year’s amazing stories involves Gibbs Team Member Leslie Simpson.  Leslie participated in her 1st mission trip to India.  The trip was organized by Leslie’s church and 11 people ages 16-75 years old participated.  Their mission was to help widows and orphans as well as share the good news of God.

Preparing for their trip, Leslie’s church raised enough money to build the orphans a new school and make their home safer.  They also had lots of toys and gifts donated so were able to give the children their 1st Christmas  — they were so thankful and precious!!   Other donated items which were distributed to the homeless and widows included clothes, blankets, toothbrushes and soap.

Leslie says, “I am so thankful for everyone that helped support me so I could experience this life changing event. Gibbs made a donation for my housing for the week and my Sync plant blew me away with all the love and support they gave me.  I raised pretty much half of what I needed for my trip in this building!  I work with the most caring and loving people I have ever known in my life and it is such a honor!”



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