Gibbs Launching New Toyota Programs

Gibbs has been awarded parts for two (2) Toyota programs by Tier-One supplier, AW North Carolina (AWNC).  The parts are pistons for Toyota’s new LA14 transmission and the re-designed G985 transmission.

AWNC is a new customer for Gibbs and furthers our strategy of customer diversification. During the pre-award and launch processes, AWNC visited Gibbs many times to establish a partnership and level of trust in Gibbs’ capabilities. We were able to demonstrate our extensive history in casting and machining pistons for both GM and Stellantis, which is very similar to what is required on the new programs and one of the key reasons we were awarded the business.

Because the tolerances required on the new Toyota parts are tight and considered challenging, Gibbs team members from Quality, Program Management, and Engineering have worked closely together and with AWNC to reach the required level of precision on the parts.

Start of production for the LA14 piston was Fall 2021 with the parts being shipped to the brand new AWNC transmission plant near San Antonio, Texas. They are used in Toyota’s first ever 10AT transmission focused in Toyota’s trucks and large SUVs, such as the Tundra and Sequoia.

The G985 piston will begin production in the Summer of 2022. The G985 pistons will ship to the AWNC plant in Durham, North Carolina, which specializes in transmissions for Toyota passenger vehicles.


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