Empowering Excellence: Gibbs Team Shines at the Annual Women in Business Dinner and Soiree

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce recently hosted its annual Women in Business Dinner and Soiree. This event serves as a platform to honor and applaud the women in Henderson who thrive in their professional lives and make significant contributions to their community. Among the highlights of the evening were the awards presented, recognizing outstanding achievements in various categories. One award was the “Outstanding Female in Manufacturing,” which spotlighted women shaping Henderson’s manufacturing landscape.
The nomination list included names that exemplify commitment, leadership, and excellence. Among the over 15 deserving nominees were four outstanding individuals from Gibbs!  The Gibbs team members were Mary Cook, EHS Specialist; Mary Mayes, Shipping Clerk; Darla Culver, Quality Lead; and Sam Hering, Industrial Engineer.  Gibbs is very proud of each of the women and their well-deserved nominations. Their motivation and unwavering commitment have set them apart and contributed significantly to the company’s success every day.
Sam Hering was the winner of the “Outstanding Female in Manufacturing.”  Sam’s dedication, innovative spirit, and leadership make her a role model for aspiring women in the industry. To Sam Hering and all the Gibbs team members who were nominated, the entire Gibbs family extends its heartfelt congratulations. 


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