Electric Ford F-150

Gibbs to Supply Part for New Electric Ford F-150

The pickup truck world is making a paradigm shift as Ford prepares to roll out the electric F-150 in mid-2022.  According to Extreme Tech, Ford is pushing ruggedness and low cost of ownership. Ford execs said the lifetime cost of ownership will be half that of a current F-150, not counting the initial purchase price.

What about power? The electric F-150 will have more torque and horsepower and the fastest 0-60 time. What makes the F-Series so important is that it’s the best-selling vehicle in the US, accounting for one of every 18 vehicles sold in the US last year (896,000 sales).

Gibbs is proud to be the supplier of the cast and machined aluminum housing for the Modular Hybrid Transmission (MHT) used in the new electric F-150.  The MHT housing is a large, complex part weighing almost 18 pounds.  It is cast at Federal and machined at Comac.

The MHT is a standard part which coordinates with all vehicle power levels resulting in reduced development cost and end user savings.  In some applications, fuel efficiency is improved up to 18%.