Die Casting

Gibbs leads the industry for advancements in high pressure die casting for driveline and transmission components.  Combined with our advanced engineering capabilities, we can provide the optimum solution for every product, whether it is as-cast or a complex assembly.

Our Alloys, Presses + Process

Proven reliability and a diverse range of product experience makes Gibbs a go-to partner for our strategic Tier One and OEM customers.  Today, parts with thin walls, intricate designs, stringent performance requirements, and complex shapes are our mainstay.  We consistently cast such ‘difficult’ parts with a refined grain structure to meet industry acceptable Level 1 porosity and customer leak test requirements.

Uncommon to our industry, Gibbs has both Vertical and Horizontal High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) processes which provide the flexibility needed to cast a wide range of parts at competitive prices.  Our presses range from 850T to 2,000T which gives us the versatility to cast a majority of customer components.

Gibbs has experience in multiple aluminum alloys. From traditional A380 and A383 to A390 for increased wear resistance, Gibbs has the right experience for lightweight solutions.