Gibbs Leadership Academy

Gibbs is excited to announce the graduation of our first 2023 Gibbs Leadership Academy group!

We partnered with Henderson Community College and instructor Kathleen Lapekas to create a customized curriculum that aligns with our values and H3 Lean Principles. This 19-course program has been a transformative journey for each participant, challenging them to enhance their leadership skills and discover innovative ways to inspire and motivate their teams.

During the closing celebration, each participant had the opportunity to share their biggest takeaways, strategies they implemented, and how their leadership style has been transformed. It’s truly inspiring to witness the growth and development of our leaders.

Gibbs strongly believes in investing in the professional development of our team members. We are confident that the skills and knowledge gained through the Gibbs Leadership Academy will positively impact our company.

We want to thank our partners at Henderson Community College for their support in making this program successful and the KCTCS-TRAINS grant program for assistance with workforce training costs.


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