Research & Development

Our casting systems bring out the best mechanical properties an alloy is capable of possessing. Research and development at Gibbs is continuously widening the gap between our proprietary system and all other casting processes. Our process can be used to cast a continually expanding range of permanent mold and special purpose alloys developed at Gibbs. The process allows modifiers to be effectively employed to alter the grain structure of the casting, resulting in greater strength or other desired characteristics.


Rigorous Testing Procedures
Destructive testing is necessary to measure strength, flexibility and other properties of a casting. At Gibbs, parts are tested under vigorous conditions to determine compliance with specifications. Research that includes around-the-clock testing, sampling, and analyzing keeps Gibbs at the forefront of the international casting industry. We will continue the discovery of new value-added properties that only our versatile casting system allows.

Alloy Development and Enhancement
Alloy development and enhancement of the casting process are primary activities in our materials lab. Gibbs has modified aluminum to meet our customers' needs where market alloys cannot. We have also tailored heat treating processes to meet special requirements. Careful, continuous study of casting science shows us how to improve our methods and ultimately our product.
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Engine--Lower Crankcase, Tensioner Arms, Water Inlet/Outlets, Valve Covers, Bearing Caps

Transmission--Stators, Pump Bodies, Pistons, Retainers

Steering Wheel Armatures-- Aluminum and "Gibbsalloy"

Air Conditioning Compressor  

Viscous Clutch 

Commercial Refrigeration