Process Controls

Gibbs brings the unique process of vacuum ladled metal, high and ultra-high pressure die casting to our customers. Offering them an alternative to forging, permanent mold and conventional die casting. Our manufacturing process has been accepted by the world casting market as equal to or superior to conventional die casting. Gibbs can cast using pressures from 2,000 PSI to 18,000 PSI in vertical and horizontal presses either with or without vacuum. Gibbs presses range from 280 ton to 1600 ton.

High Pressure Vertical Casting Press
What this means to you as a customer of Gibbs Die Casting is that you can count on receiving the highest quality castings manufactured to the most exacting tolerances in the quantity required at the time required. And because our process is consistent in all of Gibbs Die Casting facilities around the world. You can expect the same high quality castings in your facilities world wide.

Process Benefits:

  • Reduces die shiftReduces gas porosityMakes insert casting easyAllows effective alloy modification
  • Improves casting micro-structure, with smaller grain size
  • Produces die castings that can withstand high temperature
  • Reduces shrink porosity with ultra-high pressure(ultra-high is 12,000 to 20,000 psi)
  • Provides more casting alternatives(the same tooling will produce aluminum, magnesium, squeeze and semi-solid castings)
  • Multi-cavity symmetrical gatingRapid metal transfer