Unsurpassed Quality

Gibbs has evolved into the most technically advanced manufacturer of quality die cast components in the world. Nowhere is this more evident than in our quality systems which seamlessly combine our operators, casting presses, and computer systems. Standardized work instructions paired with state of the art computerized process failure detection systems ensure unsurpassed quality for our customers.

Quality Commitment
Gibbs is dedicated to being the “best in class” in the markets we serve.  As a valued supplier to the automotive industry, Gibbs adheres to the requirements of TS 16949 as the fundamental basis for our quality management system.  Our Mission & Quality Policy is driven deep into the roots of our culture from the top down.  We are a culture that instills customer satisfaction and continuous quality improvement at all levels.  In doing so, we understand that our team members our most valuable resource and we involve them in everything we do.  Gibbs conducts strategic business planning to ensure each team member’s performance is properly align with the goals of the company and each team member is actively involved in achieving continuous quality improvement. 

Quality begins with the first impression
Gibbs commitment to customer satisfaction all starts with the first and lasting impression. Gibbs is committed to a rigorous Advanced Product Quality Planning system that emphasizes process failure mode & effect analysis (PFMEA) and quality product development prior to our first shipment. To achieve this Gibbs assigns a “Safe Launch” plan of execution for validation and approval to each new process.  The safe launch process is a series of destructive and non-destructive testing, plus additional inspection that gives our customers peace of mind and the assurance that the product Gibbs delivers will meet or exceed their expectations the first time, on time and every time.  During each phase of the safe launch process we use a systematic, methodical, and yet basic team problem solving approach based around the Deming PDCA cycle. This system has resulted in superior quality of our products and we have reaped the benefits by the numerous rewards of new business and high customer satisfaction ratings. 

Quality Control & Error Proofing
Continuous quality improvement is always at the forefront of Gibbs Die Casting.  Key performance indicators are continuously monitored at all levels for gaps between planned versus actual.  The use of effective problem solving to close the gaps is vital to our success.  Gibbs continuously trains our team members structured problem solving tools built on the foundation of Plan, Do, Check, Act with emphasis on data driven decision making and defect prevention though error-proofing.  Key examples of error-proofing are within our own internally developed Process Failure Detection System.  This system can define targets and acceptable ranges for almost every parameter in the die casting process. This allows us to predetermine the conditions that result in unacceptable castings thru PFMEA and product development.   In production, we can achieve real time quality control monitoring and prevent defects manufactured outside the acceptable ranges from passing to the next process via automatic gates, audio and visual alarms.  Additional error-proofing examples such as vision systems, laser detection, photo-eyes, resonant testing, air compensating fixtures and eddy current systems can also be found throughout both our casting and machining facilities as evidence of our commitment to quality.