Our Commitment To You

Successful OEMs are managed by those who recognize the value of assuring they can create uniform quality products on a global basis. We have developed our inter-connected global network to serve companies that recognize the benefits of having suppliers who are of sufficient size, and capable of assuring uniform quality castings globally. All of our factories, globally, are capable of running absolutely identical processes and providing castings of uniform quality.

Gibbs Die Casting was established in 1965 by Bob and Nick Gibbs. Since 1969 Gibbs Die Casting has been owned by Koch Enterprises, Inc. of Evansville, Indiana, one of the largest privately held companies in Indiana. This continuity of ownership has allowed Gibbs to remain a financially sound, focused and reliable supplier to a growing list of global customers.

Gibbs has grown into one of the world's largest die castings companies. With manufacturing facilities on two continents. Gibbs operates 6 factories for aluminum casting, machining, assembly and die building with over 1,200,000 square feet of total floor space.

What That Means To You

  • Consistent product anywhere in the world.
  • One global engineering team and knowledge base to work with your product engineers.
  • Greater flexibility in global deliveries.
  • Global implementation of "Best Practices" for lowest overall cost.