Setting the Standards

Gibbs' capabilities of having its own on-site tooling division, allows the Process Engineering team to verify the the tool and develop the standard  production process before releasing the tool to manufacturing. 

Tooling Construction 
Production and prototype tooling is built by Gibbs’ on site Audubon Tool division. This dedicated capability allows for short lead times for die cast prototype die builds, new die builds, product design changes, and process improvements.

Process Verification
The Process Engineering team verifies the process design by sampling with both production and dedicated Research and Development equipment. These sampling efforts leads to the development and documentation of the standard production process before releasing the tool to manufacturing.

Process Standardization
Manufacturing methods are documented using a standard worksheet instruction format (SWAT) and equipment set-up instructions (IDEAL Set-Up). Gibbs Process Control System, DAX, gives the capability to set automated control limits for key process characteristics.