Monitoring the Processes

From the moment a program is awarded, a team is formed to monitor and track the analysis.  This allows the team to identify areas for improvement and act quickly.

Product Launch
Launch Teams – A product launch team is developed from the moment a program is awarded. This team consists of people from Tool Design Engineering, Process Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing Operations, Equipment Maintenance, and Die Maintenance . The team is lead by a Program Manager (part of the Quality group) who makes sure all the proper documentation is completed and keeps information flowing in the correct direction.

Safe Launch – Gibbs uses a “Safe Launch” process which is designed specifically for each product by the Launch Team and is approved through the head of Gibbs Quality group. This effort supports the following:

  • Allows further protection to Customer
  • Allows faster building of correlation to Customer processes
  • Allows the detection of small problems while they are still small

Performance MeasuringTrend Analysis
The tracking of part performance is crucial in verifying (checking) effectiveness of efforts. This is done both with Gibbs information and Customer information.
Pareto Analysis – We break data down into components to quickly identify areas for improvement so focused efforts can produce quick results.