High Volume and Complex Die Castings

Gibbs product mix is continually changing. Gibbs has manufactured everything from military ordnance to engine blocks. However we are best suited to manufacture high volume quantities of complex and difficult aluminum die castings requiring a high degree of skill.

Our Alloys, Presses and Process
Gibbs Die Casting brings the unique process of vacuum ladled, high and ultra-high pressure die casting to our customers, offering them an alternative to forging, permanent mold and conventional die casting. Our manufacturing process has been accepted by the world casting market as equal to or superior to conventional die casting. Gibbs can cast using pressures from 2,000 PSI to 18,000 PSI in vertical and horizontal presses either with or without vacuum.

Gibbs presses range from 280 ton to 1600 ton. And all of our presses are linked to our unique computerized process failure detection system ensuring that all castings are of superior quality to conventional die casting methods. Gibbs casts a wide range of alloys, including all die cast alloys and many permanent mold alloys. We supply squeeze castings and semi-solid castings from two unique and economical proprietary processes.


Engine--Lower Crankcase, Tensioner Arms, Water Inlet/Outlets, Valve Covers, Bearing Caps

Transmission--Stators, Pump Bodies, Pistons, Retainers

Steering Wheel Armatures--Aluminum and "Gibbsalloy"

Air Conditioning Compressor 

Viscous Clutch 

Commercial Refrigeration